Personalized Email Marketing

Have you ever received those emails that seem to have been put together by a robot?


Nothing about them is personal and it’s so obvious that it is generated and sent out to everyone on their email list.


That is something we won’t stand for at Mazma Media.


Our personalization methods for email marketing ensure your subscribers receive the content needed to convert them into loyal customers. That allows us to easily send emails that are catered to each individual it’s being sent to.


We also love to try out various emails to see what works best. By A/B testing emails to discover the precise messaging and methods needed for your unique audience, we will craft personalized journeys based on customer actions such as high open rates and product link clicks. 


Using this data we can send welcome emails inviting them into your brand, birthday discounts, abandoned cart notifications, and anniversary thank you emails at the exact timeframe the individual is most likely to open them.

8% Increase

Our email marketing boasts an 8% (and growing) higher open rate than the industry averages. Make it easy on yourself and leverage our email marketing expertise for your success.*

*source: MailChimp

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