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3 Insider Facebook Tools that Convert

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“We love the communication and dedication with Mazama Media. It's been night and day from other companies we've worked with!”

—Brian Olson, West Medical

6 Marketing Metrics Your Boss Actually Cares About

Faulkner Automotive

Optimizing ad campaigns and dramatically lowering cost per acquisition

decrease in cost per purchase with automotive inventory ads*


(*Comparing October to May)

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Our Bend digital marketing agency embodies the philosophy that success is built from the inside out. Our company structure optimizes employee well-being, creating a basecamp for creativity, productivity, and collaboration. With experts in almost every industry, at Mazama Media we utilize digital marketing strategy and social media tools to launch businesses to new heights—no matter how fast the digital world evolves. Are you ready to leverage our prestigious digital marketing certifications for your success?

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How much is not leveraging Facebook costing you? How many potential customers are on their phones but not engaging with you? How many people are not buying your product or driving your car? Can potential customers find you in a sea of noise? A lack of digital framework may already be costing you a great deal. Contact our Bend digital marketing agency for professional SEO, social media, web design, and PPC services! 

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By taking advantage of dynamic ads for a broad audience and automatic placements, Mazama Media simplified Will Leather Goods’ ad campaign structure, increased sales, and garnered a 3X return on ad spend.

Will Leather Goods

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